What's New

May 18, 2015

Please check back often for updates.



New for 2015:

  • Number of participants to qualify for the State Championship Horse Show changed from top 15 in each class to top 20.
  • New Classes:   Adult Showmanship and Western Gaited Light Shod.
  • Gaited Halter has been added to the Gaited High Point division.
  • Costume Leadline:   Every child has to be sitting on the horse/pony with the child visible on all four sides, with no carts or wheeled attachments.
New for 2014:

  • Gaited Halter remains as an AOHA State Show class, however it has been removed as a class to earn points in the Youth and Adult Gaited High Point divisions.
New for 2013:

  • Halter exhibitors: Each exhibitor may have only one groom, the groom must wear the exhibitor's number on his/her back and thenmust leave the ready area when the exhibitor enters the show pen. Each exhibitor is given two identical numbers and halter exhibitors needing only one will have an extra copy for the groom.
  • Halter exhibitors: Each exhibitor must completely exit the building after each class and reenter so as to make sure the gate person outside has them checked off of their list of exhibitors for the class.
  • See and read all the rules for any other changes.

New for 2012:

  • Showmanship At Halter has been split for horses and ponies.
  • Cloverleaf Barrels is a horse class, no ponies.
  • The following fees have changed:
    • Halter, performance and timed event classes: $20
    • Gaited Classes: $25
    • Golf cart permits: $10
    • Vendor spot fees: $200
  • Reservations can be made for camping spots.
    • Contact number is: (334) 356-6866
    • Camper spot rental: $35

See the 2012 schedule, rules, etc on the Index page for more information.


New for 2011:

  • Walk/Trot Open is now Western Walk/Trot Open (no English horses/riders).
  • English Walk/Trot Open is now included in the pleasure high point divisions.
  • The word "western" has been removed from the high point division titile of adult and youth pleasure.
  • Gaited halter is now included in the gaited high point division.
  • We will return to the live auction format for directory bid pages.


New for 2010:

  • Ponies may be ridden two handed regardless of bit or age of pony.
  • Ponies must be measured prior to their class, the new pony measurement times are:
       Friday, Sept. 3rd, 12 - 1:00 PM
       Saturday, Sept 4th, 6 - 7:30 AM
    Location will be across from the horse entrance of Garrett Coliseum between the temporary stall barns.

  • Any timed event pony/horse that enters through any gate but the designated entrance gate will be disqualified.
  • All classes for youth previously known as “junior” now titled “youth” (ie youth w/p; youth racking).
  • Friday start time moved up to 5 pm at Garrett and 5:30 at Crawford.
  • Golf cart permit fee $5 - available Thursday at Crawford Arena.
  • Ticket purchase is mandatory at time of registration by local association ($5 for anyone over age 6).
  • Addition of English Walk/Trot (open) to class program.


  • Costume leadline participants, the rules state that at the State Show all numbers in this class must be attached to the pony (horse), handler or child in the most visible location. 


New for 2009:

  • Camper Hookups - $20.00 per night - first come/first serve - no reservations
    Contact Garrett Coliseum (not AOHA) with any questions.

  • The timed event schedule has been rearranged - some arena race classes have been moved to Friday night, and the pony barrel classes have been moved to Saturday. Click here to see the new schedule.
  • Ponies must be measured prior to their class, the new pony measurement times are:
       Friday, Sept. 4th, 2 - 3:30 PM
       Saturday, Sept 5th, 6 - 7:30 AM
    Location will be across from the horse entrance of Garrett Coliseum between the temporary stall barns.

Summary of 2009 Rule Changes:

NOTE:  Reading of the Show Rules is recommended for complete rule changes.

  • No ponies allowed in horse classes except leadline, showmanship, and open timed events.
  • Ponies cannot be ridden by exhibitors 13 years or older.
  • Working order will be posted and exhibitors must show in cut assigned unless otherwise notified by AOHA.
  • Practice schedule will be posted - use of longe lines in arenas during scheduled practice time is prohibited.
  • Drug tests - horses designated for drug testing must report at the end of the assigned class and within five minutes.
  • Double judged shows must be preapproved by the AOHA Chairman - timed event riders must ride twice.
  • AOHA does not handle the hookups for motor homes/living quarter trailers - call Garrett Coliseum 334-242-5597 for info. No horses allowed in hookup areas at anytime!
  • All ponies except those entered in costume leadline and showmanship must be measured at the show.
  • During timed event classes, if a barrel or pole is knocked over, touches the ground and rights itself, there is a five second penalty.